How to use website

How to use this website:

How to use the top section:

1. Search option: Here you can search by name an artwork you have seen.

2.Click on any of these section names to go to that section page. For example clicking on "Prints for Sale" will take you to the Prints page.

3. You can use this option by clicking on the arrows to show a menu of options you can view items by such as necklaces or carvings.

4. Click here you see options to view items certain ways such as best selling or showing items from newest to oldest.

5. Click here to view any items you've added to your cart. 

 How to view multiple item pages:

If a section has more items than can be shown on a  single page. simply scroll to the bottom of the current page and you will see a set of numbers between some arrows. simply click on the next number to see the next page or click on one of the arrows to navigate forward or backwards between pages.